Thursday, August 13, 2009

Comedy and Friends in NYC Part 1

Have you missed me?! So sorry to ruin an amazing stretch of continuous blog entries since the beginning of the year. I left for NYC with the thought that a computer would be around somewhere for me to do my entries on and I was quite wrong about that. We stayed at Lara's apt. in the Upper East Side and she kept her laptop at work and no one was high tech or rich enough to have a Blackberry or iPhone. Well, enough for all my excuses, I will do my best to make up for all my lost days. 3 or 4 if I include today's entry.

Let me start by saying this was my favorite NYC visit to date. It was just perfect - great conversation with amazing new and old friends with the beautiful city surrounding us. We stayed at Lara's great NYC one bedroom apartment. She is one of Brooke's lifelong childhood friends. Har place was beautifully decorated. I love when people use small spaces so wisely. I ended up staying there both nights with Alison aka Al, Tracy aka Burn, Brooke, and Lara of course.

The bus ride in was a completely painless and easy venture. To think I was so nervous, it's so ridiculous how worked up you can make yourself about the easiest duties. I guess it had just been a while since I explored my adventurous nature. Well, now that that's out of my system, going again we be no huge undertaking. On the trip I got into a new book, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night, and listened to my new iPod, it was very relaxing.

Got off the bus at the NYC Penn Station and had a call from Brooke letting me know the plans had changed. She wasn't going to meet me early in NY anymore, but that she woulf see me at the Comedy Club at 5pm. It was about two and I decided I'd grab something to eat and take photos while walking to Caroline's, the comedy venue Brooke was performing at, showtime at 7pm. It was a bit hot with two bags and my camera, but I managed, and it was great being in the center of the city again regardless of the conditions. I got some great shots and ate half a turkey and brie sandwich and a cup of corn chowder for lunch. It's easy to find good food in NY. The mission was to spend as little as possible on my trip.

When I got to the club, it was about 5 and I decided to chill there and wait. I had a reservation and asked if I could come in early. No luck. They couldn't allow anyone in until 5:45, so I waited in my sweaty bus clothes. I really wanted to get a chance to change, so I started scouting out for a bathroom. Found one in a lovely Starbucks. I didn't even get a beverage, they've taken enough of my money before and will continue too. I went back to find another girl my age just chilling in front of the club. I had a funny feeling that she was with our group. The deal was these were friends of Brooke's from all different parts of her life. Most were from New Jersey where she grow up and some were from when she lived in NYC for a few months a few months back. I had met Burn a couple times and Lara once before, but everyone else were new acquaintances.

I went in around six when a text from Brooke came in letting me know she was already in the club. Weird, she must have gone in when I was in Starbucks, I thought. Anyways I go to the bar and start talking to that girl from outside. Turns out we were both there for Brooke. She felt like we had met before and was sure I was "a Brooke supporter". Her name was Alison, but everyone calls her Al. She was just a joy to be around immediately. It was like we had known each other for years. We had a beverage. She said that she'd just driven in from DC, but would soon be moving to Arizona. Too bad since she right down the way from me. Anyways we waited as more folks came in, and we met up with Burn, Lara, Lara's brother, and a few other ladies from Brooke's life. They were all great, down-to-earth people and since they all knew each other it was easy to just jump right into conversation. We all sat together and anticipated Brooke's performance.

All the comedians were hilarious. Brooke came up about seventh, and she looked great in her jelly shoes, which became part of her act of course. Brooke just has an amazing comedic delivery. She is a funny lady even when you're having a normal conversation with her. I was so proud of her. I couldn't stop taking photos, which has its drawbacks when you want to pay all your attention to the performance, but I got a few great shots. She was so confident on stage. She did this impression of her uncle that was priceless. I love you darling, and I hope the absolute best in your endeavors, we are all rooting for you!

There were a couple guests comics, namely Darrel Hammond (from SNL) and Judah Friedlander. It was a great surprise. I've seen Judah on Comedy Central a few times. I walked in during his session and he started talking to me. He gave me a sexy nickname, it was awesome. He stopped me at the end of the show and asked me to send him the photos I took, how cool.

We all met up at an old hangout of Lara and Brooke's (conveniently, down the street for Lara's). I had been in contact with Jill, and she met us at the bar. It was great to see her and again all of Brooke's friends got along with her famously.

We hung out there all night, till the wee hours of the morning. New faces kept arriving and everyone was just splendid to be around. Burn, Al, and I are all unemployed waifs, so we had plenty of unemployment woes to share.

This is a first part of the weeks long venture. My adventure continues tomorrow when I pack up to go camping with another group of ladies. The trip is for Lauren's birthday, who is a dear friend of mine also from college. I know most of the girls, but some are from her new production life in NYC where she's been working on film and TV production for the past year or so. I really can't wait, we're staying in a tree house and going hiking and tubing. Love it! I will be indisposed at this time (no internet access in the woods), but come Monday I will be back to work on this positively terrific blog. Coming soon Part 2 of NYC.

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