Friday, August 7, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Hughes and Thank You!

We lost a brilliant writer and director yesterday, Mr. John Hughes. He created such wonderful 80s masterpieces from my childhood. My top John Hughes movies in this order are:

1) Ferris Bueller's Day Off
2) Sixteen Candles
3) Breakfast Club
4) Some Kind of Wonderful
5) Pretty in Pink
6) Mr. Mom
7) Uncle Buck
8) The Great Outdoors

I also love the Lampoon Vacation films, but didn't know where they fit on my best of list. I need to see Weird Science and Planes and Trains and Automobiles again. John wrote all of these classics, and directed a few of them. He really knew how to write dialogue for the angst teenager residing in us all. He was definitely one of a kind. I would love to have a John Hughes movie marathon. These films bring back such great childhood memories. I rarely remember movie dialogue, but when I watch a Hughes film I can quote them also all the way through. I felt a real connection to Molly Ringwald, growing up an awkward strawberry blond with the fairest skin. These films touched me and were so hilarious . They will forever be on my best of lists, thanks Mr. Hughes.

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