Sunday, August 23, 2009

Conquering my Fear

I've always been afraid to dive head first into a body of water. It has just always scared me. Well when we were at my Uncle Don's last pool party I decided it was time. I'd had a couple of beers so I was feeling pretty good. I got to the edge of the deep end and without thinking too hard about it, dove right in. Jason was so proud and shocked that I had finally done it. It was easy and not crazy scary. The idea of breaking my neck was always a fear I guess, for this reason a diving board might still be out of the question. To prove that I could finally do it off the side of the pool and went up and did it a second time. It was such a great feeling of relief that I'd finally conquered my fear. It was also so funny that I dove for the first time at the pool I learned to swim in as a child. Crazy how life brings you back to those familiar locations. Everything has come full circle.

Finally I have achieved diving, now onto jumping out of a plane. Go me!

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