Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When the Dam Breaks

Wow. Terrible case of writer's block this morning. I've been sitting here for more than a half an hour trying to come up with a topic, and my allotted writing window is nearly spent. So why not, I thought, turn my consternation into the topic. Not that writer's block is a positive thing, because it's not. It sucks. But when the wall finally comes down and inspiration strikes it's a great feeling. It's probably akin to the relief you feel when you finish, for good, a half hour session of jamming a sharpened pencil as far up into your nose as you can get it. Or slamming your head against a cinder block wall. Feel free to fill in your own analogy here.

Like a dammed up river, writer's block creates pressure. It's a palpable strain on your noodle that isn't painful, per se, but is very uncomfortable. It's more frustrating than anything, like the phone lines have been cut between your conscious and unconscious minds. When communication is restored and the pressure is relieved it's a very positive thing.

That's one more entry, in the bank. Next entry.

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