Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our Sport

I know I've talked about our love for good reality TV before, but yesterday I came to the realization that reality TV is our replacement for sports. Like all those sport fans out there, Jason and I clap and yell as we root for our favorite contestant on our favorite reality shows. We are just like them, but instead of watching someone get a homer or a touchdown we prefer watching someone make the best lamb on Top Chef or witness someone sing extremely well on American Idol. The judges are always particular and really intense, keeping you on the edge of you seat as to what them final decision will be.

We couldn't fit sport's watching into our agenda even if we wanted to. We have enough on our plates watching Idol, SYTYCD, Top Chef, Survivor and Project Runway every year. Everyone has their preferences and our seems pretty cheesy to those who don't understand, but to us it's the best sports to watch on TV.

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