Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Regiment Begins...

I believe I've done a blog on a similar subject before but with having to do this everyday for a year it's bound to happen. :>)

Okay, today I started a new exercise regiment that I am going to stick too!! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'm going to stick to my regular 30 minute Pilate's workout at home, then on Tuesday and Thursday I'm going to walk fast/jog to the gym (which is about 5 blocks away) then I'm going to bike for 5 to 8 minutes, then I'm going to lift weights for 30 minutes, and then walk fast/jog home. Today I started the Tue/Thur workout and I feel great. I sweated my tail off and it took about an hour total. I didn't start my workout till about quarter till 10 today, cause my stomach was acting up. Thursday I'm going to get up earlier, probably 8 am or so to get an earlier start. I really hope I keep this up. Jae's started going to the gym twice a week. It's week two now for Jae and so far so good.

I can already feel it, I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow!

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