Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reality Checks

Words of encouragement are sometimes all you need to pick yourself up again. Since I'm in such a great transition in my life, my moods seem to always be in constant flux. I never seem to be able to straighten my thoughts out before the next predicament strikes me. I need my friends and family to help me pump myself up again. My mom has been that person for me lately, she has done a great job of keeping me on track and talking me back to reality. I start forgetting that my new career voyage needs elements of stability, I start wanting to be a professional free spirit again (whatever that means) and my mom makes me release that only a real career will put food on the table and give me the proper benefits I need to live.

Yesterday I talked to my career counselor from unemployment to catch her up on my new career decision to become a teacher. She of course told me I was crazy, but that if I liked kids then to go for it. We talked for a long time and she really gave me the confidence/self-esteem boost I needed. She told me to keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities that peek my interest. We have only spoke to each other about four times, but she said that she could tell that I had a special something about me. Something that made me stand-out amongst the crowd. I of course asked her what she thought that something was, but she couldn't put it into words. She thought I was very personable and relatable. She made me feel good, regardless of how she felt about my teaching goal. I really want to be an Elementary Art Teacher, do they even have those anymore?

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  1. Do you know that's what Sue (James' mom, of course) said she would go back and do if she could? My mom used to come into school to do the art classes in elementary school, and I always loved it. i'm not sure how it is now.