Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bloody Good Morning

That was Kate's joke, but I'm stealing it. Kate makes a mean Bloody Mary, one of which I'm enjoying as I write this entry. Lazy Saturdays, sans rain, plus sunshine, plus Bloody Mary mix multiplied by good company, a farmer's market and a list of things to keep us productive results in an uplifted mood and a happy morning. And it's bleeding into a nice afternoon.

And what's shaping up to be a perfect, productive weekend. Kate's almost done going through all of her recent photographs, at which point we're going to put together her online portfolio, buy a URL and start her advertising. Plus Sunday she has a gig shooting outdoor portrait shots of some person's young daughter for headshot use. I've got two companies lined up that want web design work and advertising. All I have to do is get them out a price quote. Sunday we're hopefully doing brunch with some friends at Miss Shirleys. Then we're going to install some extra air-conditioning units.

Lots of good stuff to fill up an otherwise blissfully blank weekend. You can't see it, but I'm raising my red plastic cup and toasting all of you. Or rather I would be, if I were. But it's the sentiment that counts. Have a great weekend.

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