Saturday, May 16, 2009

Compassionate Giveaways

Ellen is giving $1,000 + to one person everyday in May. I think that's so extraordinary. It's always someone facing really hard times in this poor economic climate. Their stories are always so touching and seeing the joy in their faces when Ellen hands them the $1,000 is an amazing sight. I pretty much get teary-eyed every episode. I just commend Ellen for being so self-less. The world is in such disarray right now and Ellen's rewards bring such joy to so many in need. They don't just give you the $ if you're on the show either. If you write in your story and she picks you then the Ellen Show will show up at your house with the $ and whatever else you really need, like a new car or a full stock of pet food. Once again Ellen, thank you for being you.

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