Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Clothes

I've already expressed some reasons why the south is a great place, one being it's friendliness towards their neighbors. Another one I would like to write about today is the acceptance they have for people wearing swimming attire all summer long. I like wearing as little as possible during these hot Summer days. I'm not saying I'm showing anything that people would find offensive. I'm just talking wearing short shorts, a tank-top, or maybe wearing a swimsuit with a cover-up dress over top it. This is the kind of attire I'm used to wearing on the Summer months at the beach and I would really like to do the same here in Baltimore without feeling self-conscience. The only reason I feel that way here is because we live on a relatively busy road and guys have stopped to talk to me in creepy tones while I'm working in the garden or they yell remarks from their cars. I just don't get that, this is our property I should feel comfortable walking outside with a summer dress on. I like the freedom you feel in Myrtle Beach, where doing this is accepted and everyone else is wearing the same kind of clothes. I like feeling comfortable without restrictions. I also love wearing sandals everywhere and this is a doable thing here. I prefer no shoes at all, but since this is the city I know that's hard to do and pretty dangerous. I do hope to live someway one day that is more relaxed in it's wardrobe mandates. Maybe North Carolina, I love it there, but I'll save that for another entry.

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