Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knowing a Good Electrician

Finding a good, reasonably-priced electrician, or a plumber or a lawyer is a huge positive. I know two now.

Most of you know that we've been remodeling the house for some time now, which has necessitated a lot of new wiring and the fixing of old wiring. My brother-in-law John helped us with the early, middle, and late middle phases of the project. He's an excellent electrician, and you don't get much more reasonable than a bill of coffee, Big Bite hot dogs, shared labor and good conversation. Thanks again, John. You're a rare breed.

But Steph and John have Jackson now, and not a lot of free time. So a friend of a friend who did a little work for me in the past has taken over the tail end of the project. So far I'm really impressed. He and a coworker of his from his day job (he works for a major electrical company) have been coming in the evenings and making really good progress. He's working right now and should either be done today or middle of the day tomorrow. Of course I've been nervous about the bill. But today he gave me a figure for where the project currently stands, and it's very reasonable. I'm really happy so far.

Fact is, a lot of people pad their bills. Most often it's because of high overhead. A lot of employees and equipment, etc. requires a lot of extra money. But I've met some sheisters that just pad because they can, and they know enough people are willing to pay, or don't know any better. So, just a like a good car mechanic, having an electrician or carpenter or any other skilled tradesman that's honest, efficient, and reasonably-priced is a real boon.

Thanks John and Shall-Remain-Nameless-To-Protect-Your-Day-Job-Even-Though-Only-A-Dozen-Or-So-People-Read-This-Blog-And-None-Of-Them-Work-For-Your-Company-Which-Shall-Also-Remain-Nameless.

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