Sunday, May 24, 2009

Watching My Nephew Grow

It's really amazing watching, firsthand, how quickly kids develop. As Kate said, we spent the day with family yesterday, and got the chance to see my nephew Jackson. He's nearly 3 1/2 months now, and he's already such a bigger little guy than he was before. It's nice now that he's gotten to the age that he can come leave home (with a little help from his parents), come to family gatherings and hang out with everybody.

My cousin James and his wife Amy, our two most vocal readers, came with their baby Caleb. He's six months old, and I was pretty blown away by the difference just two and a half months can make. He seems so much older than Jackson, so much more present and participatory. Having never really been so close to infants before, this is all pretty new and interesting to me. My most recent experience with kids previous to Jackson was with Kate's sister Kerri's kids, but with them in Florida, we got to see the pretty infrequently. Kaiden or Blake would always seem vastly older since the last time we'd seen them. It's cool now to watch the process a little closer up, with more stops along the path.

Having seen Caleb at six months, I can't wait to see my nephew at the same age. And then at a year, and on... It's the next best thing to having my own. Kate posted a bunch of photos from yesterday with her post. I'll let her photos carry this entry.

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  1. We can't wait for Jackson and Caleb to play with each other. Soon enough that 2.5 month age difference won't mean a thing.