Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Conundrum of Being Productive

There is almost no better feeling than being productive, taking some task that's been hanging over your head and chipping away at it. Whether you finish or not, it just feels good to make headway. So why is it that we put things off? I suppose I can only speak for myself, though I don't think I'm alone. I procrastinate as if it were a paid position even though I know I'll feel so much better once I've cleared my docket. What's the point of "relaxing" when you've got all this stuff you need to do lounging there with you, tittering in your ear incessantly?

It's a lesson I've yet to fully internalize, I guess. But at least I see it. I recognize that there's room for growth. And one day I think my intellectual understanding will bridge to real-life constant application. In the meantime, I can enjoy those moments when I do get off my lazy butt and accomplish things. Man it feels good.

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