Friday, May 29, 2009

Photography Tips

I like when you find useful tips on other blogs. I found some great group shot tips for tonight's wedding, so I feel more confident now. One was to keep the camera in continuous shot mode, this way you can take many shots at one time and your bet that one of those will have all eyes open is much greater. Another good one was befriending a guest that knows all the different family members and ask them to assist you during the group shots, this way they can help you make sure all the correct people are in the shots. Smile, you need to be constantly smiling. Keep the mood positive and don't show you are stressed or bothered in any way. Posing the groups by height is important. Tall people in the back shorter people on the sides and the front. Pose the parties around the Bride and Groom. Do shots with everyone looking at the camera and some with them looking at the Bride and Groom. I must remember to stay in control, one way to do this is by communicating to everyone. When people are not being cooperative tell them that the bride and groom has requested I get shoots of everyone. Giving them a reason is sometimes all it takes.

Okay, this entry was mostly about pumping me up for my first solo shoot today. Give me luck everyone!

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