Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The competitive nature

I do enjoy some friendly competition with some hostel undertones. I was brought up in a pretty competitive environment. My family loves sports and my sister and I were put in little league for basketball and softball at the age of 8 or so. We both continued playing both sports up to High School, then Kerri quit softball and continued to excel in Varsity Basketball. I never really excelled in any of the sports except for in small moments like that free throw I made in Middle School and my consistent under hand fast pitch in the rec softball league. But I still had a great time playing. I loved the comradery and the friends I made. I have my competitive moments these days with Wii, pool, and volleyball. I presented a friendly competition on Facebook a couple days ago when I sent a message saying "Whoever brings me the 4th Twilight book first, wins a drink on me". Mia and Maggie are now racing to the finish line. It's a win win, I get my book and get to have a drink with a dear friend. So even though competition can be ugly, it's really only as ugly as you make it out to be, it's your choice. Winning is cool, but having friends who care about you is better. So here's the 250 entry of our Positive Year blog! Eat our shorts Renegade Blog!

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