Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Short Entry on Long Weekends

One extra day tacked onto the end of a weekend wouldn't seem to be that noteworthy, but it's really the difference between a weekend and a mini-vacation. It doubles the number of days where you're not working and not worried about the following day. For me at least, that's huge. That one extra day of true freedom is enough to decompress from months of unending routine and get back into life with a fresh head.

I would take it a step further. I think it would be smart for businesses to give their employees more long weekends. It would benefit productivity more than would be lost by the extra vacation days. One long weekend say every two months would do wonders for the working population. At that interval the breaks would be spaced out enough to reduce billable impact and make them feel special. They're just distant enough for employees to look forward to them without them feeling completely out of reach, and a hopeful, expectant employee, fresh from their most recent long weekend, is a happier more productive worker.

I know I would be. So Mr. President. Barack, if I may be so bold, sir. Please consider this a formal petition to declare the first Monday of every other month a national holiday. I'll leave it up to you and congress to decide the occasions. I really don't have a preference. National Tacos at Home Day. National Super Plush Carpet Day. Jean Claude Van Damme Day. Whatever. The particulars aren't important. Just give us six long weekends a year along with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, and you'll have a strong, motivated and hopefully more heavily employed workforce in the coming years.

Hell, why don't you take one of those day designations for yourself. I think you deserve it. Barack on, Mr. President.

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