Sunday, May 10, 2009

Give me some Popcorn!!

I've got to keep this short today, since we have a few errands to run before we go to all the Mom's Day events. I have a few topics in mind, so I'm going to stick to the simplest one - POPCORN!! I am a huge lover of every kind of popcorn. Recently I've been getting Newman's Own Naturally favored mini packs. They come in different flavors like Cracked Pepper or Garlic Butter, they are amazing! I also of course love all movie popcorn. Watching a flick with some popcorn is the best. My mom's a huge fan of popcorn too, Happy Mom's Day momma, I love you! I am also a stickler for white cheese covered popcorn, Smart Food and Utz have great ones. I also like the sweet caramel favored popcorn. Man, I love popcorn, it's the perfect snack and if you don't overindulge it's not too bad for you.
I love me some Popcorn!!

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