Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Online TV madness

I love how Internet sites now provide people with the ability to watch about any new episode they want. If you miss an episode of something you can go to hulu.com or the station's website like nbc.com and see if the episode has been posted yet. Some other sites I just found that I've never tried out are fancast.com, television.aol.com/full-episodes/, www.sling.com/, www.yidio.com, www.sidereel.com, and digg.com. We are so spoiled these days with DVR and online capabilities. You will never miss a series we want to watch. Of course having DVR and Internet at home is key. On my lunch breaks I used to watch a show on my computer which was always a great way to escape from my work reality. Everyone whose a compulsive TV watcher like me should give this a try.

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