Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Want Positive? How About a Nearly Finished Kitchen?

Our granite kitchen countertops went in today. Finally. After a year and a half of research, dithering, mind-changing and feet-dragging, they're installed. After all the mental anguish trying to narrow down such an expensive (and permanent) kitchen feature, I'd built up a pervasive fear that, in the end, I'd hate it. I was terrified to discover that we'd made the wrong choice, and now would have to live with something we (or I) didn't like.

Thankfully that's not what happened. They look great! Our choice of stone really sets off the res t of the kitchen. All the time invested in the decision making process was worth it. I'd post pictures with this entry, but the sealer needs 24 hours before it can be cleaned off. After that the granite will look it's best. Plus there's a floor to ceiling 2 x 4 supporting the eat-in bar slab. I need to get some supporting braces installed so that I can remove that. As soon as all that's finished I'll post a few snaps.

It's a happy day in the Karbownibloom household.

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