Friday, May 22, 2009

Passionate Goals

I really admire people that pursue their passions. I admire people that have passions to pursue. I've never really excelled in any one talent. I've always just been okay at a few things. I really want to get good at something, even if I have to work harder at it, not like people where the talent comes naturally. Some folks are just not that lucky. This means I'm going to work hard on getting better and better at photography. I would also like to start making crafts, but first photography needs to be my one goal. I really have been enjoying it. I have my first solo wedding next Friday. I know I'll do well, maybe not perfect, but I am still learning. My first goal is to be more out-spoken. Get people to listen to me and sound professional and friendly at the same time. I've seen so many guys do this and I really think my personality could do even better. I'll put an extra dose of confidence into my coffee that day.

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