Friday, June 5, 2009

A Beautiful Couple in Love

Kaitlyn and Joe married yesterday and everything was perfect except that mothernature decided to rain all day and night. They had their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Gramercy Mansion. It was a grand old house that was turned into a bed and breakfast. They had a lovely female perform the vows. The words that were expressed during the ceremony were just amazing. It brought tears to my eyes just witnessing. I hope my wedding is just as beautiful. The dresses were all simply divine. All the bridesmaids were asked to wear any red dress and it was cool how they all expressed such individuallity. Seeing so much of all dad's family back together again was so touching. I'm really glad everyone came up for this event. I want to wish Kaitlyn and Joe a beautiful life together in love. I'll make sure to post some photos of this week once the house clears out.

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