Monday, June 15, 2009

When You're Wrong About the Right Things

I'm wrong about things occasionally. Sometimes more than occasionally. I've had to eat my share of crow more times than I can count. So it's nice when I'm wrong about something, and the truth of things is a much better situation than what I guessed initially.

This entry is an update to my last post. Yesterday afternoon Kate and I ran into one of the guys from next door. He was concerned that the party had been too loud, and wanted to make sure we were okay with things. Apparently the roommates had knocked on our door before the party to give us a heads up, but we either weren't home or didn't hear the door. That was one of our gripes. We felt like, if you're going to throw a loud party, at least give your neighbors some warning. And it seems like they actually tried to.

Plus he confirmed our hope that this was just a housewarming party. A one-time blowout, not to be followed by more of the same on a constant basis. He seemed like a good kid who wanted to do the right thing. During the conversation, he returned the drill he'd borrowed, and let me know that while using it the roommates had stripped the bit, so they replaced it. Very cool.

Of course it remains to be seen whether Ming is a man of his word. But I'm pretty optimistic now, and very glad it appears I was wrong about them. If you have to be wrong, hopefully you can be wrong about the right things.

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