Thursday, June 11, 2009

Party On!

You know you're at a great party when good conversations, fun activities, booze, and tons of food continue to flow throughout the event. Don threw a party Saturday in Joe and Kaitlyn's honor. All the locals were asked to bring a dish or a pop up tent. The food was literally different every time you went for seconds, since more and more folks kept showing up with dishes. There were four beers on tap and mini bottles of champagne that I could not resist. After living here for the past 5 years I now know most of Don and Joe's friends, so the hugs didn't stop for me. Not to mention the fact that my whole family was there including all my local cousin's and old friends of the family. It was such a wonderful gathering. There were probably around 150 people in and out of there. The only down side was the pool was too cold to get in to, but in a couple weeks in should be perfect. Great party, Don!! Remember me when the next one comes up.

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