Monday, June 8, 2009

The Child's Mind

I am so fascinated by the minds of children. The way they continue to develop and grow everyday by what stimulates them is amazing. New words and worlds come alive all the time. We need to try to keep them around positive and beautiful things throughout their first years of life. The world just gets harder and harder the more you grow up. I am so blessed to have grownup in a stable environment. My nephews are also in a great stable atmosphere with a wonderfully loving mother and father. Blake is talking up a storm. He repeats all the words you give him the best of his ability. Kaiden is shy and is not picking up the language as fast as Blake, but I know he's smart as a whip and will soon be talking in full complete sentences before no time. I love them dearly and have loved this visit with them. All kids develop differently, and the process is so interesting. I can't wait to see what my nephews start doing next. I will miss them all terribly when they leave to go home tomorrow.

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