Friday, June 26, 2009


In honor of the recent tragedy of Michael Jackson's sudden death, this entry will go out to all the innovative dancing and music he created throughout the past 40 years. His moves were like no other, watching him dance was so captivating. I was too young to watch him shine in The Jackson 5, but the songs from that era still live on. He was such a cute little kid and boy could he sing.

His solo albums of the 80s, such as Thriller and Bad were ground breaking. I just remember dancing to his music in my pajamas in the family living room, singing as loud as I could. He was an idol, he was "The King of Pop". I loved songs like Billy Jean, Wanna be Startin Somethin, Man in the Mirror, and Smooth Criminal. The Thriller video still gives chills to this day.

I liked his 90s albums too with songs like Black and White and Heal the World. Yes, they could be a bit cheesy sounding today, but I just ate them up as a little girl. And yes, he has gone down a few controversial roads, but this is about his music and the innovation he's brought to the music world. Michael you will be forever in our hearts, you were an amazing performer and writer. I will be forever spellbound by your music, thanks Michael.

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