Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free Food

Here's a shocker for anyone that knows me. I love free food. Picnics. Grocery store samples. Broken vending machines. Any sort of free food is fair game. It doesn't even have to taste good, as long as there's no attached cost. Flavor is more of a bonus than a requirement. As long as the comestible adds some sort of nutrition into my system and takes up room in my stomach, I'll take it.

I think part of the reason that flavor is unimportant is that free food always tastes better than its comparable "for fee" counterparts. Cost is a burden on flavor realization, apparently. Lift that restriction and a food's full flavor profile emerges.

Am I a bum? I don't think so. I'm perfectly willing to pay for my meals when necessary. And I generally do. But when food is shared with the group on a kitchen table at the office, or arrayed out at a picnic or barbecue, I'm reduced to jelly. Which I would eat if I were free.

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