Friday, June 12, 2009

The Digital World

Yesterday I started working on SuNn's photos. Remember she's the up and coming female rap artist I took various city pictures of for her album, portfolio, website, etc. I asked her and her manager to pick their favorite pics and I would take those and Photoshop them. I'm really enjoying the process. In other words I'm enhancing them with a computer program called Adobe Photoshop. It's so funny since I came from a mindset of keeping film and photos organic. I used to hate the idea of digital video when film made the moving images raw and grainy, giving it texture and life. I loved going through the dark room process, developing your photos with a sense of artistry and wonder. It was hard work and involved a lot of strange chemical smells. I now really appreciate the digital world. Where mistakes can happen, since you have a memory cards fitting over 500 pictures on each one. You can take as many pictures as you want. Knowing that at least one out of every 30 or so will be stellar. Then you go home and load them into a computer. Going through and picking your favorites to manipulate creating unique masterpieces. Same with digital video, all the same steps apply and you don't have to send the film out to be processed. Time is not a factor anymore. It's amazing and I'm really enjoying learning all digital photography has to offer.

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