Friday, June 5, 2009

Keeping Your Options Open

Never close off your mind to opportunity. That's something I try to do even though it often scares me. There's opportunity swirling around you all the time, like money in a cash-grab machine. If you don't reach out and pluck it, you'll never know what you're missing. And here's the beautiful thing. You don't have to feel bad or worthless or lazy or cowardly or any of that other crap if you don't seize the moment. With all that cash whizzing around your face, you'll have plenty of other opportunities. Just snatch the next one. But don't shut off the machine and send it back to the party rental company you got it poorly continue the analogy.

Lately I've been designing websites for Home Improvement contractors in upstate New York and then setting them up with Pay-Per-Click online ad campaigns. It's an opportunity brought to me by my old business partner Robert, who moved his family up there a year ago or so and now sells building supplies. Robert and I used to work together at Renegade. Sometime prior to that he used to hang siding for a living and had always thought about opening up a small side outfit. He came to me because he needed someone to design fliers and advertising mailers. We decided a partnership was the best fit for the situation, and, even though it made me nervous to embark down a path I'd never even known existed, I reached out and grabbed the cash. If I hadn't Robert and I would never would have gotten to be friends and I'd never have been presented with my current opportunity.

I guess what I'm saying is this. Opportunity is everywhere. You'd don't have to dig around for it. It will come to you. You just have to say, "yes" when it does. Unless there's a strongly compelling reason to turn the opportunity away, take it. Sort out the particulars later.

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