Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kickin' it on your porch

Porches are fantastic. They let you be surrounded by nature in the comfort of your own home. We now have two functional porches, one in the front of the house and one that comes off the second floor. On the front porch we have a rocking chair, a vintage looking red table and green side-table. I have two hanging flowers and a sun shaped light catcher. We also managed to lock our bikes on the side railing. It's a little tight, but not bad, you can still walk around fine.

We are still in the process of fixing up our upstairs balcony porch. We've put three matching outdoor rugs down and instead of puncturing the new roof with glue or staples to keep them down, we instead put five heavy flower pots down on each corner. We also have a small steel table and two matching chairs to help. It's so nice up there. I can't wait to buy the flowers to go in all the pots, it's going to be beautiful.

My sister and Allen have enjoyed sitting out on the porches, the front one more since it's really not stopped raining until today.

We've really created a couple nice new environments for us to read, enjoy each others company, or to just be close to nature.

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