Sunday, June 7, 2009

How I would like my world

I love when people open their eyes to the many possibilities in life, when they decide not to be trapped in a box, where all they know is what is directly around them. Why wouldn't someone want to experience all life has to offer them?! It's those people that step out of their familiar shells that invent, discover, create, and experiment with all that the world throws at them. Continuously traveling, studying, and experiencing, is what I live for. Knowledge is so sacred. I believe there are plenty of things not yet discovered, I want to be around to see what the future has to offer, and I want to grow and learn through all new discoveries. Open your mind, accept the differences in human kind, learn and grow from those differences. We cannot live in a one-dimensional existence forever. We're all meant to live our own path, we should be able to live that life in the happiest way we know how and try to fulfill as many dreams as you can, as ourselves.

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