Thursday, June 18, 2009

Film Critiques

I like reliable film critiques, websites or magazines that you can rely on to tell their straight-up opinion. Sure sometimes you don't necessarily agree with them, but they give good smart points to back up their opinion. I once wanted to write film reviews, how awesome would that career be?!! I could watch and then write about films for a living. I never had great confidence in my writing abilities to follow that dream. This blog gives me a chance to express my opinions about great films, to bad a great film hasn't come around in a bit, but when it does you'll be the first to find out about it. Currently my favorite website for film critiques is It tells you flat out the percentage the film gets out of 100%, then if you scroll down the page it gives you the opinions of all the critics who chimed in to come to the decision. It's been pretty right on so far. Sometimes I go there before I rent a movie or watch one On Demand. I always read a good review and bad review from the critics, so I hear both sides of the story. Another site I enjoy is, the only downside to this site is you need to wait to watch the movie before reading the reviews, since most of them contain spoilers. It's a good read, so give it a chance. I also enjoy reading film synopsis's and reviews in magazines, like Entertainment and Bust. Since I may not be pursuing this line of work anymore, these are the kind of of film related hobbies I will continue to love an d crave. These easily will fill that void for me for a while, this and actually watching the films and film trailers will help too.

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