Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Redheads Rule

I've always been a huge fan of red hair. I always wished that my hair was more red than just strawberry blond, hence why I've been dying it redder since college. Jason's sis has gorgeous red hair and her new little man, Jackson, is a promising red head as well. I love boys with red hair, people tend to make fun of redhead boys and I don't get that since I've always found them to be the cutest. I like to stick up for all the redheads, being a half breed myself. I definitely posses the fair-skinned trait that comes with the shade. I don't mind that either, we should steer clear of being in the sun for too long, and if we keep this good habit up, our skin will be smoother, healthier, and younger looking as we get older and all the tanners out there will wish they'd done the same. Yes, being from a beach town I've been made fun of a lot, such as "wow, you are so white I need to put my sunglasses on", and other remarks like that. I rather be white than try to tan and destroy my skin. I've always liked my fair completion, another reason I moved north and the rest of my tanning family remained in the south. This goes out to all the red hot redheads out there, I'm happy to be part of your team if you'll have this half-breed.

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