Friday, June 26, 2009

Lunch Within Walking Distance

To clarify, lunch within walking distance refers to me walking to my food. Not the other way around. I know it's easy to make the mistake. But generally speaking you won't find lunch walking your way unless it's being carried by a delivery person. Granted at some point in your meal's evolution it may been self-motive, but generally having food deliver itself at that stage requires more of a time and a mess commitment before eating than most people are willing to make. Not to mention lunch still on four legs is probably less than enthusiastic about taking the leap onto your plate and would, given the chance, run the opposite direction instead of delivering itself into your waiting, hungry belly.

My office is tucked away in an industrial park, separated by at least a five minute drive from every eating establishment in the area. Until recently a quick lunch meant either bringing yourself, or not coming to work. Finally a little deli opened up just up the block from us, less than five minutes away by foot. It is so nice not always having to hop in the car, fight with traffic lights and lightrail trains (the path between Renegade and most restaurants is crossed three times by tracks) anytime you need food.

I don't go out to eat that much anymore, having Sandwich Club to care for most of my and my compatriot's lunch needs. But on our off weeks, which seem to come more frequently since Kate left the group, I like being able to walk to a quick lunch. Especially now that the weather's getting nice. Even if it's not that good, which it's not. Nothing special, at least. But it's early in their history. Hopefully the menu and the food will improve with time.

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  1. Grest song for you
    "I wish lunch would last forever"
    by Jimmy Buffett