Saturday, June 13, 2009

GrandBob and Grandma

During my families visit I got to witness my parents play the grandparent roles. They were so affectionate with the kids, it was the most precious thing to witness.

Blake is drawn to his GrandBob, that's my dad's new nickname, and it's so cute. Mom becomes a kid again and plays with them both for hours. I really feel having these new additions to their life has brought out the absolute best in them both.

They are in the process of looking for a new house near Kerri and the kids. I'm so jealous that they will soon be able to see them grow up day by day. But, I'm also very happy for them. Kerri's going to have babysitters right near by which is fantastic. Too bad Jason and I aren't the biggest fans of Florida. We'll visit of course, but living there is out of the question. GrandBob and Grandma you are the most loving grandparents, Kaiden and Blake couldn't have ask for better.

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