Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Meal to Die For

Jason's entry only focused on one aspect of Victoria's Gastro Pub of Columbia, while I can't help but add how every bit of the meal last night was extraordinary. They really out do themselves there, every aspect of the meal was eloquently plated with mouth watering uniqueness. We met Jason's childhood friend Eric there, and let's just say the meal was on him and no expenses were spared. Everyone needs this kind of meal at least once a year. We had four appetizers and yes the duck fat fries covered in gravy and cheese were the best! The mussels and asparagus fries were up there too.

We each had our own beer sampler, they have hundreds of beers on tap so the sampler was the way to go. Each of us got a different sampler which consisted of five small glasses. I got "The Lighter Side" selection and they were all amazing. Now next time I go there I'll know which beers I love.

We then ordered three entries. We eat and drank slowly as we had great conversations, so the ability to keep eating rolled along smoothly, which is strange for me since I usually get full pretty quickly. I got the grilled lamb with cilantro yogurt cous cous and the boys each got the flat iron steak with sausage glaze served with asparagus and mashed potatoes. Their meal was outstanding and my lamb was not too shabby.

We even got desert, I guess when the food is this good you can't help be devourer it. We shared a praline chocolate layered cake and a fancy bread pudding. Both were very good. The whole meal really ranks up there with one of my top meals ever, I highly recommend Victoria's Gastro Pub.

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  1. Nice write up! Makes me hungry just thinking about it. My stomach is sore from laughing so much last night. We need to do this more often...