Sunday, July 12, 2009

Be Thankful Everyday

Well it was a very fulfilling weekend, but I think I'm going to touch upon an event that occurred a few days ago. The subject matter is not a positive one, but the end result is something to be thankful for. My sister and my two beautiful nephews were in a terrible car crash Thursday. Blake and Kerri walked away with scratches and bruises and Kaiden had to stay over night at the hospital for observation. He was just in pure shock, so they were concerned he might have a concussion. Kerri was such a strong and loving mother the whole time. She's an amazing lady.

Everyone is now still shaken up and beat and battered some, but overall doing amazingly well. Let's be completely thankful everyday for all the loving family we have in our life. It was so terrifying getting that phone call. All you can do is hope and pray that everyone makes it out alive and healthy. Thanks to good car manufacturing and well structured car seats and seat belts my family is still here with me today. I am so unbelievably thankful. We must continue to talk to and if you can hug the people that we hold deep to our hearts everyday. I love you Kerri, Kaiden, and Blake. This too shall pass and before you know it the bruises will be healed and life will back to its beautiful state.

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