Thursday, July 23, 2009

Random Dream Worlds

Dreams can be so far fetched from your reality. How in the world do you even fathom the ideas our dreams contain? It's fascinating to me. Two nights ago I dreamt of all my old friends from High School, some folks that I met up with at my HS Reunion a few years back and others I have not seen in 10 years were present. I can't quite remember the context, but I remember it being bizarre. Last night I dreamt that my dad, mom, sister, some other random handy men, and I had to paint the interior of a Giant Food store to celebrate my grandpa's birthday (who has passed away in reality). Very strange. How in the world do our minds come up with this stuff. It's really crazy to me. I have so many obstacles approaching in my real life like teaching or getting my next photo gig. You'd think one of these current dilemmas would haunt my dreams, but no, they are all completely random. It's just crazy to think about, but completely fascinating.

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