Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No more "Lost in Transport"

I got Jae a GPS for Christmas last year and it's truly been a lifesaver. Jae and I would get lost or just go the wrong way at least once a week before we had it. Yes, sometimes the way it tells us to go seems a bit off, but at least it always gets us to where we need to go every time. It doesn't seem to like 83 (the highway that gets you further into the city), it much rather take smaller back roads to get to the Inner Harbor. What's cool is you can go the way you prefer and it will eventually figure out the route your taking and start telling you the way to go. We yell at it a lot as it continues to annoy us, but it's truly a love/hate situation. I've been using it a lot lately to location scout photography locations. Yes, some still believe in the map system, but looking down at a piece of paper is not the safest method when you can listen to a voice and look forward with the right eye glancing at the GPS arrow every once in a while. It was truly invented for dim wits like us who can't seem to get out of our neighborhood without going the wrong direction. This is the GPS we have, I'd give it a 75%, not the best but it does the job.

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