Sunday, July 19, 2009

Live Music and Nature

I love listening to live music outdoors, especially on a beautiful day.  Yesterday Jae and I watched The River City Extension and Cake live at Artscape.  We sat on the lawn amongst a huge crowd.  I had a few drinks in me so I was feeling good.  We sat while River City played, I had never heard them but I really enjoyed their sound, they sounded a little like Vampire Weekend.  The sound system was great.  I just love that kind of environment, loving the beauty of music together. When Cake began everyone in the middle of the lawn stood up.  It was great cause it gave me a reason to dance.  I've loved Cake forever, they are a wonderful energy and they are so musically talented.  Dancing was somewhat difficult since we were on a slope, but it was the challenge that made it even more fun.  

I would really like to attend a music fest, where you camp out and listen to a bunch of different bands.  Hopefully I'm not getting too old to do this one day, I guess you're never to old to experience something new.  

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