Monday, July 13, 2009

Fearless Karaoke

I gained real confidence this weekend at my friend Kate's Karaoke Birthday bash. I've always been able to get up there and sing in groups or maybe do one solo as I shook in horror. This time I went with complete confidence, singing multiple songs by myself. I started with the Squeeze song Tempted. As I was singing in this white trash hole in the wall bar, a fight broke out. Guess what I did? I kept my cool and kept on singing. Everyone in our party was proud of me for staying calm and finishing my song. I've got to say that was the first time my voice caused a brawl.

Then I sang PJ Harvey's Down by the Water, which Jason said was my best. I finally chose the right songs for my voice. They were more talky songs with attitude. That's what I need to stick with. I finished the night off with the Violent Femme's song Add it Up. I love singing and this really gave me the chance to feel that energy of the spotlight. I really had a great time.

Jason sang many songs and his voice was amazing as usual. At one point I came out of the restroom and he was doing a duet with this fantastic girl singer. My jealousy went away fast because they sounded so good. I would love to be a girl rock star, but I'll settle with Karaoke every so often. My fears are gone and I'll hopefully forever be able to sing my heart out in front of a bunch of strangers. It's really exhilarating.

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