Sunday, July 12, 2009

Growing Your Own Herbs

We're late to this game, but we're becoming big fans. When we planted up our front yard this year, we added, along with our purely ornamental plants, some basic herbs. I think we put in mint, cinnamon basil, lemon basil, dill, and one other that I can't remember. The last two didn't make the evolutionary cut, dying off before they could reach a sustainable size. But the first three are getting to be huge plants!

The obvious benefit is a front yard full of tasty fresh herbs for cooking. We had some family over today for brunch, and we used both types of basil in our breakfast potatoes and the mint in cool summer Southsides.* But here's the cool thing. The herbs look really good as ornamental plants, too. I was a little dubious about placing them right at the front of the yard, but they've become really attractive plants. The basil plants especially get these really nice looking mini flowers all across their heights and they smell amazing. Just walking past them you get strong scents of basil, cinnamon, lemon and mint. To me those smells trump your standard floral scents any day.

Next year I'd like to put in even more herbs so that we never need to shop for spices again. At least not fresh ones. It's a goal.

*Southsides are one of the finest summertime adult beverages you could ask for. Look for the mixer at your local beer and wine store. Not every place carries it, so you'll have to ask around. Trust me, it's worth the search.

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