Friday, July 24, 2009

Sexy Facial Piercings

I like how a lot of facial piercings look. I like the lip, nose, eyebrow, and cheek piercing. I've never had one myself. I think they look really sexy on both males and females. Being off work this long makes me consider getting one, then I realize I'm going to be entering a new workforce soon and decide it's a bad idea. If I get one now though, it should heal enough by the time I get to teaching, that I'll be able to take it out and no one will know. What I want most is my nose pierced, just a little stud would be perfect.

I guess I've been jonesing a change in my looks, cause I'm also getting my hair dyed dark next week. I like change, I could not imagine staying the same throughout your whole existence. That is such a sad image to me. You have so many possibilities to chose from in the world. If your personality stays mostly the same throughout your life than the best you can do to feel alive and different is to get a tattoo, a piercing, or change your hair then I'm all for it. I don't mind a little pain for something you'll admire forever or as long as you have it.

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