Monday, July 27, 2009

Where I

This is an interesting little site. Photographer Kyle Cassidy prefaces it with a story. He was invited to a party at the author Michael Swanwick's house, he believes by an accident of mistaken identity. Once there, Cassidy asked if he could see the authors Hugo awards, a request Swanwick enthusiastically granted, escorting Cassidy directly into the author's creative space. Cassidy says that seeing the space where Swanwick created his tales was revelatory. "It was like I'd cracked open his skull and seen the gears of genius."

Cassidy was granted a few pictures of Swanwick's work space, which started something of an obsession. He's since photographed the work spaces of a dozen of so notable authors, adding the images to his site,

I think Cassidy's correct. Where somebody chooses to work in any creative pursuit is direct reflection of their creative process. Most of the authors pictured work in home office-type rooms, while one or two recline on couches in more living-room type settings. Most are surrounded by books and nick-nacks that I would imagine help inspire creativity, with the Harry Harrison being the notable exception. His space is a small desk in what looks like a bedroom less welcoming than many hotel rooms. The walls are nearly devoid of decoration, save a single peacock illustation, and the spartan furniture barely fills the perimeter of blandly-painted tan. Harrison, it would appear, generates all of his inspiration internally.

I do wish the site was a little more forthcoming with images. Only one photo per author isn't enough, for me, to get a true appreciation for their work environments. I hope that maybe Cassidy will expand the site at some point. In any case it's an interesting peak into the creative mind.

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