Thursday, July 16, 2009

Show Redemption

I like it when a show I once enjoyed thoroughly comes back and redeems itself, becoming the show I fell in love with again. Both Weeds and So you Think you Can Dance have done that for me this week.

I usually get so engrossed in SYTYCD, loving the dance numbers, the couples energy together, and the unbelievable talent. This year's show has been lacking in all those categories; the couples haven't had much chemistry, everyone is equally talented with no real standouts, and the dance numbers except for maybe two have been a tad boring. Last night Travis, a past winner, choreographed Jeanine and Jason in the most beautiful performance of the season. The dance was incredibly powerful and original. This really redeemed the show for me. I hope to see more powerful numbers like that one after this show. The judges were all in tears it was such a glorious masterpiece. I can't display it on my entry because none of the resources will allow embedding. If you're interested in seeing it you can go to:

Weeds is a great show and the first three seasons were the best and then seasons four and five have kind of just been too over the top, a bit unrealistic. I felt the old energy and tone of the show coming back to the surface the last two episodes, the relationships are getting more complex and the humor of the show returning. It's still too serious at times, but the drama of it all is more interesting than it's been. I also feel myself falling hard for Andy, the Jewish brother-in-law. He's is so clever and such a cutie. Anyways it's getting good again, I hope it keeps it up.

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