Friday, July 10, 2009

Motivation through Music

I know I've done plenty of entries on music, but this one is about how music stimulates motivation. We've had the main speakers of our computer off for the past few months to keep the amount electricity the computer was drawing to a minimum. Now that the house electrical work is basically done, Jason reattached the speakers. It's really amazing how much better it sounds with bass and real volume. I keep making new mixes that include my favorites and all the new music we have. It's really helped me to stay focused on my work and get things done more rapidly.

I've also started a seriously dorky ritual. When a really good song comes on that I can't help dancing too, I get up and create an interpretive dance. Since dancing makes me so happy, I'm going to try to make up at least one dance a day. It will be a good workout and keep me motivated. Music is truly an amazing energy-inducing instrument.

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