Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love me some Hosting

I really enjoy throwing small parties at our house. Sunday we threw a brunch for Jae's mom for retiring from teaching. Steph, John, Jackson, Jan, David, and Judy came over. Just the right amount of people. I made roasted potatoes with onion and peppers and I made banana pudding from scratch. All the food was great and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. I like being the host. Especially cause you can drink all you want and just pass out when everyone leaves without having to decide who drives. And that's exactly what we ended up doing. We had mimosa's, Bloody Mary's, and Southsides for the drinkers to enjoy. I love brunch food and beverages. Jackson was as cute as ever. It was a blast and I can't wait for the next party. Bring it on!

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  1. So, I think it is about time for that crabbing. :) We had some friends invite us to go with them this past Monday, I mean the whole thing, getting the crabs out of the water and all. well, not so successful. Where we thought we were going was private and well, we we're so successful in all. I'm sure I'll post on it soon. ;) Have you guys done the actual fishing part ... well, I guess it wouldn't be called fishing, ... anyway we're at least ready to eat crabs with you guys. Total amateur here, but we're always ready for some fun. :)

    Btw, we think blogs are awesome too. And, we're glad you guys check in with us!