Monday, July 20, 2009

Artscape Wonder

This entry's going out to Artscape as a whole. The fact that the city agrees to close off numerous streets so that local artists can express their talents is amazing to me. I would love to be part of the artist joy one day. Jae and I are setting a goal to be part of it come next Artscape with whatever we decide to make. The streets had art even hanging across the streets decorating every angle. It was marvelous for taking photos. I promised myself I would only buy one or two things. I fell in love with a ring at the first booth I went too. I told the lady I had to review other jewelry before committing to this ring. I went to all the other vendors and looked at their creations. Some were really appealing, but none matched my love for that ring. I ended going back and buying it. It was the only thing a bought and I'm completely satisfied with that.

We rode our bikes there and back. We were totally fine on the way there and once we got their it felt so liberating to have ridden there. I was so proud of us. Now going home was another story, we both got sick from exhaustion. We survived, but barely.

Thanks for another great festival, Artscape. You are still one of the top five reasons I love Baltimore!

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