Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Beyond Boundaries

I love the idea of art for art's sake. Yes, it can be pretentious and way too out of the box sometimes. But the idea of coming up with something that no one else has attempted and then displaying it for the world to see is pretty amazing. At Artscape (The biggest free art festival in the country and only a bike ride away.) they have one strip of really bizarre art. My favorite this year is a human Foosball court, where people are tied together trying to get a big cushioned ball into the other teams goal. The people leading the game are making crazy sound effects as the games go on. Really funny stuff, I'll get some pics of it today.

They also have decorated "art cars", my favorite is one with a million different kinds of cameras attached to every inch of the car. They are very strategically placed so everything lines up perfectly. I thought I had a nice camera collection, but this person wins. I like to think about how these people brainstormed these ideas and how long it took to make their visions come to life. "Today I'm going to start decorating a car with a million cameras", who does that?! I'm betting a lot of artisans of this medium are a bit off their rocker. I really admire and love the idea of people thinking and creating outside the boundaries of the norm and I can't wait to see more of it today.

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