Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beauty Surfacing

I worked my butt off yesterday finishing up LaTusha's wedding photographs. I've been enhancing all the best ones using Photoshop and Jason has been teaching me new techniques everyday. He recommended I turn one black and white and I proceeded to provide a few others in black and white using a few different methods. When I was finished I had to show Jason all the ones I worked on and he was so impressed with my work. It felt great to feel like I've finally accomplished creating something beautiful. This was my first solo gig and I really feel these photos were my best to date. I hope LaTusha and Carlton feel the same way once they review them.

I would love to get some positive feedback on my actual photographs verses getting positive feedback on my work ethic and personality. Not to say that getting those positive remarks isn't great, but actually hearing that the product I'm delivering is exactly what they were hoping for would be even better.

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