Monday, July 27, 2009

Using a Commitment to Declare Another

I'm committed to adding an entry to this blog everyday, and I've stuck by that commitment. And even though the entries aren't read by many people, it's still a soap box of sorts. A platform about the positive, which can be harnessed toward positive ends. So I'm using it to declare a new commitment, one that I'm hoping some of you will help hold me accountable to. I'm going to get in shape.

Starting tomorrow I'm going to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday mornings before work. I'm starting small. Two days a week is something I can commit to and stick with. Any more than that I'm afraid is biting off more than I can chew. I need to keep this realistic. So I'm committing to two days a week, with an open-ended option to increase to three when the time seems right.

And I'm giving all of you permission to hold me accountable to my commitment. Ask me about it from time to time. Give me a hard time if I'm not keeping up my end of the arrangement. I would appreciate it, because working out, historically, is a commitment I have a very hard time managing.

Ultimately a healthier me is a positive

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